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What We Do
The Technology for Learning Center (TLC) is your partner in technology-enhanced education. Our primary goal is to work with faculty and staff to develop educational materials, modules, and courses for use with students, veterinarians, and clients. We want to be your First Stop Shop when considering the use of technology in your teaching. Together we will explore the best technology, best resources, and best sources for funding.

The TLC is self-supporting through educational development grants and contracts, and revenues from the Online CE Portal business plan. Currently 20% of our time is covered by revenues and is dedicated to working with faculty and staff on technology-enhanced education for students and continuing education, as well as staff development workshops and seminars. We also have a USDA subaward and several smaller state contracts we’re working on, as well as a large, 3-year, USDA project to create food safety educational materials starting in the fall.

We’re looking forward to working with you. Come by and see us, give us a call, or drop us an email. See what you can do with technology!

Dr. Jeannette McDonald, a veterinarian with a PhD in distance education, is the Director of the TLC. Eileen Horn and C.K. Worrell provide web-based education development and graphic design, as well as a variety of educational media development. Peg Volkmann, a librarian by education provides project management and editing services.

Jeannette McDonald
Eileen Horn
C.K. Worrell
Peg Volkmann

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