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We would like to be your First Stop Shop when thinking about using technology to enhance your teaching. We invite you to come in and pick our brains about innovative ways to better reach students and practitioners. Together we can explore different technologies, development strategies, and consider funding options.

So, if you have an idea or just want to explore, fill out our consultation request and we’ll arrange a time to talk

Want to join the rest of campus in putting your course materials on the web? The University of Wisconsin has partnered with a company called Desire 2 Learn to create Learn@UW. This is a course management program that facilitates giving your students course materials, syllabus, calendar, and grades. You can also use it for assignments, discussions, and testing. We’ll help you get started and teach you how to easily put your own content into your course.

We’ll get your course set up and then meet with you and your course team. In less than an hour of hands-on tutoring, you can be ready to put your content up.

We welcome your comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns. Email us anytime at tlc@vetmed.wisc.edu

You can also phone us:
Jeannette McDonald M-F 263-5170
Peg Volkmann T-Th 262-8128
Eileen Horn T-F 262-8755
C.K. Worrell M-F 262-8127


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