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NEAT is a collaborative project that could not be done without the cooperation and participation of our partners. Our thanks and appreciation to the following:

University of Wisconsin - Madison School of NursingUW-Madison Logo
Arkansas State University
Department of Nursing
Arkansas State University Logo
Indiana University
School of Nursing
Indiana University Logo
University of Detroit Mercy
McAuley School of Nursing
College of Health Professions
University of Detroit Mercy Logo
University of Kansas
School of Nursing
University of Kansas Logo
University of North Dakota
School of Nursing
University of North Dakota Logo
University of Northern Colorado School of NursingUniversity of Northern Colorado logo
Montana State University
School of Nursing
Montana State University logo
Colorado State University - Pueblo Nursing Department Colorado State University Logo
George Washington University Health Science Program George Washington University Logo
Faculty Support
Learning Objects

This Project is sponsored in part by:
The Fund for The Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE),
U.S. Department of Education.

This Project is made possible by support from:
UW - Madison School Of Nursing


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